Intentional wedding planning and design
company that specializes in weddings
that prioritize connection over perfection.

Intentional wedding planning and design company that specializes in weddings that prioritize connection over perfection.

the jeannene lillie
events experience 

We strive to create an intentional wedding
day experience filled with memories for
you to treasure for a lifetime. 

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At Jeannene Lillie Events, we don't strive for perfection; instead, we strive to make your wedding day better than perfect by infusing it with genuine moments and heartfelt connections. We understand that true beauty lies in the imperfections, the unplanned laughter, and the raw emotions that make your love story uniquely yours.

Our approach to wedding planning revolves around creating an environment that is authentic and meaningful. We believe that your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple—your values, your dreams, and your journey together.

We work closely with you, taking the time to understand your vision, desires, and aspirations, so we can curate an experience that surpasses your expectations.



"Jeannene understood our vision from the start and went above and beyond in every aspect. She had an answer to every single question or issue that came our way and always made us feel at ease during the planning process."

Choosing to work with Jeannene was the best decision we made when planning our wedding! After our initial zoom call we knew she was who we wanted to work with as she instantly felt like a friend (a fabulous, funny and the most organized friend ever)! - Tessa & Connor 


"Ultimately, I made the decision to go with
JLE because Jeannene really made me feel heard and connected to - her attention was focused on truly connecting with James and I and then letting the rest fall into place.Her attention to listening first and then sharing was something that went a long way for me."

When we arrived at the venue, our reception room reveal was one of our favorite moments - the room was spectacular. Our jaws dropped to the ground in awe of how JLE made the space come to life. Not only did the space look good, but it felt even better. That feeling we had is truly a testament to JLE and the heart and soul Jeannene poured into every detail, but even more so getting to know my husband and I to make it the best day of our lives. - Kori & James 


"From the start we could feel her genuine investment in our love story, and we knew then that she was the right person to help us plan the most important, most intimate day of our lives."

She is one of the most down-to-earth people I've met, and she fosters the kind of warm, welcoming, ooey-gooey atmosphere that everyone strives for on their wedding day. - Taylor & Chelsea 


"From beginning to end, I cannot express how much I relied on Jeannene’s help, detail-oriented approach, and thoughtful care with each detail for our wedding."

"She made everything run so flawlessly that my family members got to enjoy the wedding stress-free. Jeannene ultimately started as our wedding planner and became our family’s dear, dear, friend. - Sarah & Andrew 


The JLE Team
Inclusive Pledge

At Jeannene Lillie Events we believe that Black Lives Matter and marriage is a right that all people are entitled to. We are committed to learning and growing as a business so we can continue serving and advocating for our couples, our communities, and our fellow wedding industry colleagues. 

We are committed to serving a diverse client base and are constantly working towards being more inclusive with our language, planning process, and overall approach. We are Queer owned and operated and have a strict policy against weddings on plantations and non-LGBTQ+ inclusive venues.