We are crafting an all-new website experience to highlight our intentional approach to wedding planning and design, centered around the core values and love stories of our couples.

We believe that the most extraordinary weddings are the ones that touch hearts, create lasting memories, and leave a profound impact on everyone involved.

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Jeannene Lillie Events

Jeannene lillie

Jeannene Lillie Events is a Midwest
based wedding planner and designer,
serving couples globally.

Specializing in weddings that
prioritize connection over perfection, Jeannene curates personalized experiences that both reflect her couples' personalities and enhances their emotional connections.

She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with the incorporation of sentimental elements and meaningful details. 

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owner | Lead planner and designer

Let's make it better than perfect; let's make it real.

At Jeannene Lillie Events, we don't strive for perfection; instead, we
strive to make your wedding day better than perfect by infusing it with
genuine moments and heartfelt connections. We understand that true
beauty lies in the imperfections, the unplanned laughter, and the raw
emotions that make your love story uniquely yours.

Our approach to wedding planning revolves around creating an environment
that is authentic and meaningful. We believe that your wedding day
should be a reflection of who you are as a couple—your values, your dreams,
and your journey together. We work closely with you, taking the time
to understand your vision, desires, and aspirations, so we can curate
an experience that surpasses your expectations.

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The JLE Team
Inclusive Pledge

At Jeannene Lillie Events we believe that Black Lives Matter and marriage is a right that all people are entitled to. We are committed to learning and growing as a business so we can continue serving and advocating for our couples, our communities, and our fellow wedding industry colleagues. 

We are committed to serving a diverse client base and are constantly working towards being more inclusive with our language, planning process, and overall approach. We are Queer owned and operated and have a strict policy against weddings on plantations and non-LGBTQ+ inclusive venues. 


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Our wedding planning and design packages begin at $7,500. 

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