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Jeannene currently offers specially curated business development services to get help you create a wedding planning business that as a strong foundation!  

As a wedding professional, I know how many hats that business owners have to wear. Your time is torn between serving
your clients and working to grow and scale your business. 

If you're anything like me, there is always an endless list of "save for later" ideas that you dream of implementing in your business. Or maybe you're so "booked and busy" that you truly need someone to manage some of the "day to day" needs of keeping your business at the forefront of wedding couple's and your vendor colleagues minds. 

This is where my current offerings through JLE Consulting come into play! Lets work together to grow your business and increase your reach. As you're making all the dreams come true for your clients, I will be working towards supporting the dreams you have as a CEO! 

Helping wedding vendors tell their story and create inclusive and sustainable business practices! Together, I can help you create a company that showcases your values!

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