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La Valencia Hotel Anniversary Session in La Jolla, California


May 19, 2023


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Step into the enchanting world of La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, California, where our love story unfolded on our two-year wedding anniversary. The hotel’s stunning pink facade, adorned with swaying palm trees, overlooks a breathtaking pool that merges with the vast Pacific Ocean. Join us as we celebrated our special day amidst the timeless charm of this magical destination.

As we approached La Valencia Hotel, the pink exterior stood out against the clear blue sky, reflecting the joy in our hearts. Clad in vibrant outfits, we embodied love—bold, vibrant, and full of life.

With beautiful artworks and gentle palm trees, La Valencia blended Mediterranean influences with old-world charm, captivating our senses.

Stepping onto the terrace, we were captivated by the breathtaking view. The sparkling pool mirrored the warmth of the sun, seamlessly merging with the expansive Pacific Ocean. It was the perfect setting to capture the essence of our two-year wedding anniversary.

Against this idyllic backdrop, our love radiated effortlessly. Every photograph captured our affectionate glances and shared laughter, freezing moments that spoke volumes about our deep connection.

The pink facade of La Valencia Hotel held a special place in our hearts. It whispered stories of past romances and dreams fulfilled within its walls. We embraced its historical charm, intertwining our love with the hotel’s rich heritage.

As the sun gently descended, a golden glow enveloped us. Our vibrant attire mirrored the fiery sunset, intensifying the emotions we felt. Each click of the camera immortalized moments of love, joy, and anticipation, preserving the beauty of our journey.

In the heart of La Jolla, California, our love story bloomed against the captivating backdrop of La Valencia Hotel. The pink facade, accompanied by swaying palms and overlooking a mesmerizing pool and the Pacific Ocean, became a canvas for cherished memories.

Our two-year wedding anniversary celebration was a testament to the love that fills our hearts as we embark on the future together, forever grateful for the magic and simplicity we shared at La Valencia Hotel.

Vendor Team:
Planning/Design: Jeannene Lillie Events | | Photography: Marina Claire Photography | Venue: La Valencia

Jeannene Lillie is a Michigan Wedding Planner and Michigan Event Planner serving clients in Michigan, Pittsburgh, Ohio, San Diego, and Worldwide Destinations. The JLE Team is committed to coordinating and designing inclusive and intentional events that celebrate the romantic and modern couple. Inquire with us today and stop by the JLE Instagram to get a peek into our beautiful events and get to know us better!

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